I was working on a project yesterday morning with an outstanding developer, when he brought up the following article:  A successful Git branching model – http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ It’s an outstanding article, probably one of the best I’ve seen (should read), on version control and change management when dealing with multi-person dev teams that have more than one developer working on shared code sets.

Anyone who has managed teams such as this likely already use a method similar simply by trial and error over the years. The most interesting theme, and the one I wanted to mention in this post, is that no matter what tech you use, GitHub, SVN (SubVersion),  or even SourceSafe (if you’re really feeling masochistic), none of these will work without a knowledgeable programming lead / manager that goes through the final merge.  Simply adding a second set of eyes to the binary toils of an original coder decreases coding errors from 5 in every 100 lines of code to less than 1 .  

Personally, I tend to go even further when it comes to tools and find that my preferences are far less important compared with the preferences and familiarity of your lead and development group under them. A slightly different topic for another day. This concept isn’t confined within the bubble of development either.  As a business tech / IT director over the years I find myself often sitting in a situation trying to innovate out of a business management problem.  This leads to odd situations where I’m attempting to explain that we can either spend $150,000 installing a fleet GPS tracking system over 5 years or perhaps consider replacing the current manager (at no charge) with one that knows how to motivate his drivers not to take extended lunches.  

And for those curious, in the tracking system method, extended lunches still happen, only now you know which parking lot they are sitting in. . . I do enjoy my technology, but as my old woodworking teacher would say (slightly modified for business of course), “the right tool for the right job (pays dividends).”


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