CFO’s read Money and The Wall Street Journal.  Doctors keep up with the Harvard Medical Journal.  What do technology executives read?

Although it depends somewhat on your particular flavor of the tech industry (consumer, business, corporate, or some joint venture of in between), the list below is fairly comprehensive on what’s happening around the world daily.

Happy reading.


Ars Technica –
CNet –
Digital Technology Plus –
Digital Trends –
Engadget –
Gawker –
GigaOM –
Gizmodo –
Hacker News –
Lifehacker –
Mashable –
MachineHappy –
PandoDaily –
Paul Thurrott’s Supersite –
ReadWriteWeb –
Slashdot –
Tapscape –
TechCrunch –
TheNextWeb –
The Var Guy –
The Verge –
Wired –
ZDNet –

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