Startups, Warehouses, and The Cost of Northern Temperatures.

Being part of the startup community often means a lot of hours spent in work spaces that were more focused on cost effectiveness than luxury.  Nothing wrong with this, and more often than not, you can’t fit that ping pong table in temperature controlled office spaces anyway.

But when your part of a northern climate you learn quickly that your cost effective spaces can quickly turn into what seems like extortion when winter temperatures begin to set in.  September and October are the perfect months to start working on insulating your business and spending that extra $1,000 a month on luxury pizza party Friday’s instead of DTE.

The link here goes through some great tips for residential spaces that can equally apply to commercial such as:

  1. Purchasing large, heavy industrial curtains to cover the loading doors when not in use.
  2. Caulking all those pipes and commercial infrastructure spots that poke holes in your outer walls.  Use foam if the hole is too large for caulk.
  3. Many vents into the outside are simply left open when not in use.  Install or close shutters to vent pipes that reach the outside.
  4. Rent a lift and spend the extra couple hours caulking, sealing, and securing the inner roof area.
  5. Think about building your IT and rackspace areas in an area with two outer walls.  Concrete chilled from the outer winter temps can often be all the cooling needed during off-season months.
  6. Try to ensure that your main entrance has two doors to pass though when entering.  This will keep heat in the ‘human work areas’ from escaping every time someone leaves or enters the building.
  7. Use space heaters in enclosed areas when burning the midnight oil instead of heating the entire business.


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