I ran across this site via a suggestion from an incredible developer I’ve had work on my projects in the past.  Essentially it’s a marketplace for professional Android and iOS skins and themes, ready to go, for a live client environment.  Normally you would sit down with a GUI expert and spend weeks agonizing over little details like font size, colors, basic navigation layouts.

This cuts that time, and cost, by 80% easily.  These aren’t just empty skins that you have to build JS around to work – these are ready to dev packages.  *Insert 2001: A Space Odyssey theme song here*

Link: http://market.ionic.io/themes

And for those that know my affinity for bootstrapping startups on WordPress front ends (again, time and money), there’s even a WP tie in for data.  http://market.ionic.io/starters/ionic-wordpress-post-app

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