One of the largest costs per employee to any business, small, medium or large, is its production software suite.  For graphic designers it could be Adobe.  For engineers it may be AutoCAD.  But for everyone, including your designers and engineers, all the way down to your receptionist, needs an Office package.  Even I’ve been guilty on occasion being a little lax on my admins when it comes to MS Office licensing.  By year 5 of any business you will end up with a veritable concoction of Office versions, on different platforms, with different extensions.  Not to mention OEM vs single vs group licensing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think the MS Office suite is an imperative tool to every business.  It’s just a shame they waited so long and required another business to directly challenge its model to make any changes.  If you’re not going to lead, then move out of the way.  Welcome Google.

Today I read that Google’s Office Suite is now going to be FREE to any business looking to make the conversion to their unified solution.  Not only FREE, but willing to cover the costs for transitioning away from the Microsoft Suite!  Dear Microsoft marketing division – you should be taking notes.

Jon Liebertz
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