I’m biased.  I admit that.  But I’m fairly confident that if I were to tell anyone from my old graduating class that I had a time machine that could go back and replace those two years of French or Spanish with a programming language. . . we would have another 400 minor coders roaming around.

Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist, however Blockly Games does thanks to a couple of engineers at Google and it’s impressive.

I even performed an extremely unscientific test over the holiday between my niece (age 10) and some of the older generation (grandparents – age X).  I was amazed at how quickly these games had both parties smiling AND picking up coding concepts such as logic trees and visual structured programming without really understanding what those are.  I’ve seen a number of sites promote coding such as Code Academy or  Code.org, but this is the first that really starts out from the beginning.  The actual beginning such as how to tie your shoes, not just how to run your first mile.

Give it a shot and see how you fair against your niece or nephew next holiday. < Blockly Games >

And for the crowd that already knows how to drive. < Code Academy, Code.Org >

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